Birikim was founded because of Soner Çağlar's dream during his study at Mechanical Engineering. He aimed to have this company as a reflection of his idealistic personality and business approach. As a young entrepreneur, Soner Çağlar, whose expertise is in machining, has laid the foundations of Birikim, which started with 4 personnel, 200 m2 workshop and 2 machines. His biggest goal was to make a difference from the competition with expected staff, good machinery and a quality control approach that carefully controls every stage of production. He has adopted the concepts such as creating qualified employment, providing an innovative approach to the sector through R & D projects, and unconditional customer satisfaction.

Birikim continues to grow by making long, medium and short term strategic planning and became one of the important players of bolt sector in Turkey.

Our goal is to make Birikim a global brand.




Imports of spare parts in the machinery sector until 2004, production of nuts and special fasteners in 2 manual machines in 2004


Start of export with Germany


Beginning of mass production with 2 CNC lathes taken with the approval of samples from partner companies in Germany and establishment of ISO 9001 management system


Quality story starting with CMM and hardness tester for laying the foundations of today's large laboratory


Continuing success story with Netherlands and Austria by participating in fairs in Europe


CNC lathe, CNC milling machine and white collar team, which has been folded to 3 in machining, has been able to carry the number of employees to 10 digits, including Scandinavian countries, by carrying the number of employees to double digit numbers.


Upon the demands of customers, it has become a machining and fastener company by adding bolt and stud production facility in 2200 square meters area.


Production capacity of 5000 tons of bolts, studs, nuts and sawdust production capacity has achieved the capacity to produce.


Quality management system unit was established by obtaining ADW 2000 certificate in pressure vessels, 14399 certificate by obtaining wind roses and roof bolts, especially the ability to produce HV fasteners


In addition to the existing laboratory, establishing a verification laboratory from scratch, doubling the importance given to quality


14001 and 18001 certificates by taking the importance given to people and registration of being environmentally friendly


It has become self-produced products in an automatic coating facility on an area of 1000 m2.


It is managed in a corporate manner with its blue collar and more than 70 employees working on 3200 m2 area and with its expert team of mechanical, material and industrial engineers, each of whom has worked for many years as a manager in corporate companies.



Don't settle with being good, always aim for the better.

We aim to be the best in every stage of our work. To produce the best quality product, to provide the best service, to deliver on time, to do customer follow-up properly, to establish stability and long-term business relationship became our corporate principles.



Birikim aims to go beyond the usual service concept in production, sales-marketing and quality with its experienced and well-equipped team, each specialized in its own field. Our company has adopted an operating system that offers human resources policy, continuity and stability.


As BİRİKİM, we attach importance to the stability and continuity we adopt in every field in personnel employment. We are trying to create all the physical and psychological conditions necessary for our colleagues to work with us with the same enthusiasm and happiness for many years. Our human resources policy constitutes the equal rights of employees working under equal conditions, making necessary investments for their training and development, keeping transparency, occupational health and safety in the forefront, and ensuring peace and security within the company.

In the distribution of tasks, we prioritize professional and academic competence.

R & D

Innovative Developments in the Product Line

In order to be qualified as a successful company, we have to be proactive in production technologies and customer demands and meet the needs of the era.
In this context, we make project based improvements and improvements in our production line.
Within the scope of the project we are carrying out, we make the technological investments necessary for the innovative developments in the new product and product range.
Our goal is to provide opportunities, environments and laboratories for young mechanical engineers to work in the future.

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