BIRIKIM Cıvata ve Talaşlı Imalat serviced to suitable special projects which required in many items such as standard bolts, nuts , washers ,studs and anchors , with technological investments focusing on growing every day and refining Quality production , in 2500 m2 closed area, in total 3200 m2 facilities.

Birikim Cıvata, with the difference of other companies in this sector, with its expert engineers produces special solutions to special projects, With its technological machine park can produce special production in different lengths.

Birikim Cıvata, focusing on quality competition and sustainability in the areas ıt works, has succeeded to be included in a very short time top 5 in the sectors where it depends on Turkey and also in the list of big names in its sector in the world.

Birikim Cıvata mainly in the region where it produces , with its investments and provides employement , its biggest goal is to increase the share of our country in the world bolt sector rapidly.

Indispensable priority of Birikim Cıvata is to worked with the principles of permanence, quality and compliance with deliveries.




Until 2004 import of spare parts in machinery industry, in 2004 Production of nuts and special fasteners on 2 manual machines


Starting exporting with Germany


Approval of samples from partner companies in Germany, started to mass production with 2 CNC Lathes is purchased and and establishment of ISO 9001 management system


To establish of today's large laboratory the quality story that starting with CMM device and hardness tester


Participation in fairs in Europe and Continuing success story with the Netherlands and Austria


Increasing CNC lathes, CNC milling machines used in machining, creating the white collar team completely to increase the number of employees to double digits , especially Scandinavian countries increasing the number of export countries to over 10 countries


Upon requests from customers on an area of 2200 square meters establishment of bolt and stud production facility and to become a machining and fastener company


Its production capacity has reached the capacity to produce 5000 tons of bolts, studs, nuts and machining parts.


By establishing a quality management system unit in pressure vessels by obtaining ADW 2000 certificate , By getting the 14399 certificate especially for WIND POWER and STEEL CONSTURUCTIONS gaining the ability to produce HV SET.


In addition to the existing laboratory establishing a verification laboratory from scratch increasing the importance given to quality


By getting 14001 and 18001 certificates be registered of the importance given to humans and environmentally friendly


Approximately 1000 m2 area in an automatic coating plant is becomed self produced products. With understanding lean manufacturing processes have been redesigned.


In 3200 m2 closed area, It started to be managed corporately with more than 70 employees, blue collar and expert team of machinery, materials and industrial engineers, each of whom has been managing corporate companies for many years.



Since our foundation in 2002 continuosly, with R&D and innovation, proceecding ahead of technology, We have succeeded in obtaining products and services with high quality and added value and we will continue to add new ones to these achievements.



With 35 years of experience, has almost more than 2 times the operating time of the institution , each of who are well trained and experts in their field , manages the quality, production, purchasing, sales and marketing processes beyond the conventional understanding of service.


As BİRİKİM, we consider the personnel employement as well as the stability and continuity we adopted in all areas. We try to create all the physical and psychological conditions necessary for our colleagues to work with us with the same enthusiasm and happiness for many years. Equal rights of staff working under equal conditions, doing necessary investments for their education and development, transparency, prioritizing the occupational health and safety , ensuring peace and security in the company is constituted our human resources policy. We prioritizing the professional and academic proficiency.

R & D

Innovative Developments in the Product Line

To qualify as a successful company We have to be proactive in production technologies and customer demands and meet the needs of the age. With this context We do some project-based improvements and developments in our production line. Within the scope of the project in the new product and product range We are doing the technological investments that required for innovative developments. Our goal is in the future to provide young mechanical engineers some opportunities to work environments and laboratories where they can make projects.

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